Havana Hills Ride Routes

Thanks for attending the awesome 2020 Havana Hills Spring Classic on 2.23.20.  Beer, Chili. and Cake. 


Underwritten by Havana Main Street and Hubs and Hops (Rent an Ebike). https://hubsandhops.com/

Beautiful  Routes Below

All Routes Start in Havana, Florida   Most routes are for road bike unless noted.  Speed through video to get an idea of beautiful and untraveled roads.   Contact John Dunn @dunnet@talstar.com

88 Miles  https://ridewithgps.com/events/104945-havana-hills-spring-classic-88-miles


78 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31274577


76 Miles GRAVEL  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31279454

75 Mile to Chattahoochee (reroute due to bridge out) https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32200919

70 Miles  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31357152

67 Miles (from Scotland Rd) https://ridewithgps.com/trips/31220779


66 Miles  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31279523


61 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31274529


53 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31278481


50 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31278770


48 Mileshttps://ridewithgps.com/routes/31646210


47 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31278770


39 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31284053


38 Miles  All terrain https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31413242


37 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31256038


34 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31278535


30 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31127107


29 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31284171


27 Miles  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31413480


25 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31279243


22 Miles   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31284053


20 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31278580


15 Miles https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31278372


13 Miles  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31277201



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